5 skills in business that will never be outdated

Mastering essential skills will keep your value on the market

We live in times where technology is replacing more and more jobs. A lot of people feel the need to learn new skills and change professions just to stay competitive on the market. However there will always be 5 skills in business that will never be outdated and will help you keep your value as an employee.


Sounds simple enough but most people seem to underastimate it. I have talked with a lot of professionals who consider themselves outgoing thus great at communication. If it was only that simple.

To be great at communication you need to know when to say what and always consider how to phrase it in the right way. I had business meetings where I knew I had a great idea but shared it at the wrong moment and it was quickly disregarded.

Always talk with conviction and confidence. Learn to carefully weight your words and consider who you are directing those words to. This will benefit you greatly to achieve the goals you set.


Most things we do in life involve people. Nobody can achieve success by working alone. One of the most important skills in business is the ability to delegate responsibility. To be more clear – it is easy to delegate, however majority of people who do it do not really put much thought to it.

Different people have different strengths. Being able to identify those will greatly support you in deciding who should do what.

Always keep in mind that people you work with need to be motivated to bring the best result. Focus on giving them different types of tasks. Some which will be really easy for them and will build their confidence and some which will be challenging and help them improve. Doing that will ensure they stay motivated.

Time management

The development of technology enables more and more tasks to be done faster and in a more efficient manner. This however builds expectations from employers. You need to be able to finish more work in less time and not compromise on the quality.

Best way to do this is to be smart about your time. Accept that this is a limited resource that is hard to resupply. Many people think that they have to work non-stop the whole day to be able to do more work. I usually spend 4-5 hours doing effiecient work.

The key is to prioritize and take your time in thinking through a task you have to finish. All the projects I had to run took 70% of the time to plan, 10% to analyze the outcome and just 20% to execute. Also better spend twice the time to optimize a process you’ll have to do 100 times more instead of starting from scratch everytime.

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Sales and Marketing

No matter what you do in business what you aim is to make profit. To manage this you need to sale your product or service. To be able to sale it you need to market it the best way possible.

I recently read how the CEOs of nearly 200 companies just said shareholder value is no longer their main objective. What they say is that priority is shifting more to employees and to customers. The two major components when it comes to achieving sales.

This means that if you are on the side of the employee and you have creativity when it comes to pricing, promotion, planning and strategy then you will be a valuable asset.


Leadership allows you to motivate people and make them all work towards the same goal. Believe me not every manager is a leader. You have to not only be able to manage your people but be able to give them inspiration.

True leaders are able to identify issues and conflicts and take active part in resolving them.

In todays business world there are countless courses on how to be a leader but true leadership from me comes only if you are emotionally open for it. You have to set your mind in a way that allows you to see the small details, analyze and decide on actions that bring benefit to your people and your business.

These were the 5 important skills in business that will never let you be outdated on the market. All of them might seem easy to say you have but in reality even big companies identify a limited amount of people who really have them. The reason is that they require a lot of time and effort to really master and be able to actively use.


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