No matter if you are working in a corporation or getting extra cash with a summer job, chances are you will recognize these 5 types of coworkers you meet. You shouldn’t be suprised if you also see yourself in one of them. We all fit into a certain place in the workplace and it’s great if we know exactly where.

The Talker

We all know that one colleague who just likes to socialize with everbody in the office. You sometimes wonder how does he not get tired of all the talking he is doing. In reality these kind of people often are needed to break the awkwardness in a situation and can be the person that helps you when you join a new team.

It’s no coincidence I started out with this one. I am the talker at my office and usually approach the new colleagues and bombard them with questions. It’s not the best approach but it really helps them to start communicating.

The plus side is usually those people have a special liking of you and it helps you on the long run when it comes to working together or just keeping a positive image at the workplace.

The Know-it-all

These ones we meet not just at work but also in life. That one person who is competent on every subject discussed. They always have what to say no matter if it is in their area of expertise or not.

Usually those are the people who had more experience in the company and are well known. This creates a sense of comfort around them which helps them feel confident to keep sharing their opinion.

In my experience I’ve found out that it is really hard to work with those kind of people. When you try to delegate a task or just ask for something specific to be done they always have what to say about it. It usually takes effort and time to stop and explain why you need it done in the way you asked.

The Supporter

These types of coworkers are the ones you should try to find and stick to. It made a huge difference for me when I was surrounded by them.

They are the ones who see the positive side of things. They will always offer their assistance and will support you in different tasks. You might find yourself connecting with them and sharing more personal things. This will further strengthen the connection and make them support you further.

In reality we find ourselves often in challenging situations. There is nothing better than to have one person at work that will give you his/hers support. And this is different than the support you get from your closed ones because these people at work know best what you are going through.

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The Hard-worker

We all have a coworker who stays late and is always determined to finish the job no matter what. It seems as if they are really passionate and dedicated to the company.

You will often receive emails from them even after work hours and they will always have another new idea or project that they want to start working on. No matter all other tasks they are already caring on their shoulders.

For some those kind of people serve as a motivation and example for what attitude you should adapt towards work. Others dislike them due to the fact that they create a high standard and usually are liked by management.

I believe that you don’t need to be spending 10 hours in the office to be a hard-worker. Just be the one that gets the job done effectively, fast and as requested. Creating an image that you can be relied on will give you the label of a hard-worker.

The Unexpected friend

Last of these 5 types of coworkers you meet is the one that turns out a suprise. At first it seems as you have nothing in common with them. You keep it professional and never talk about personal stuff.

Then at some point you get the chance to work on some task together and you start connecting. Suddenly you realize there is more to this person and you might have a liking for them.

From some office jokes to going for lunch together you start sharing more and more. In no time you get the feeling you are close and that you can trust one another.

There is the popular advise that business and friendship don’t mix well. I found out that they really don’t but only when you were first friends and then decided to work together. When a friendship is build upon the fact that you share the same company then things are different.

You need friends in work because there is nothing better but to have somebody to rely on when things are bad and have somebody to share with when things are great

These were the 5 types of coworkers you meet at every company. There are many more but my experience tŠ°ught me that these are the most common ones. I avoided the negative characters on purpose since they are easier to identify. The smart thing to do about them is to just ignore them as much as possible. If you are working in a good place they will be filtered out fast.



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5 thoughts on “5 types of coworkers you meet

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post and have come across all of these different kinds of people in school and through work experiences! I really appreciate the talker and the supporter types! I tend be extremely shy in new environments, and those types of coworkers help me feel comfortable. I myself lean towards the hard worker, the unexpected friend, and the know it all types. lol. However, I think the one that best describes me would be the hard worker type.

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