I started my career in one of the leading companies at the age of 22. Now a few years down the road I want to share about the experience that I gained and make you part of the different things that are yet to come. Why? There were countless things I wished somebody told me when it came to starting and building a career. Here at Growing dots you will find different content grouped in 4 categories:

  1. Career – what I learned about starting and building one
  2. Business – all there is to the business environment & beyond
  3. Lifestyle – achieving the balance of living while working

Growing dots…

First question that probably comes to mind is why Growing dots? What I found out the hard way is that when you are just starting a career or a business you are nothing more than a blip on a radar. What helps you grow on that same radar is your ability to gain and use different knowledge. This blog reflects good practices and knowledge to help grow in your career, expand your business, manage your money in a smart way and never the less do all that while achieving the right balance between work and life.

One of my key motivators to this aside from wanting to share & write about my experience is the fact that in the beginning of my career I searched for answers on countless questions but never seemed to find concrete information. My aim is to grow an environment where you, the one reading this, can find the answers you are looking for and in the end offer them to others. Thus making it possible to many of us, the small dots, to connect and grow together.

Last but not least it is the play of words you can find here that really finds it place – the posts here are my thoughts, carefully organized, summarized and presented to you. Situations and experience started growing to become a dot…I meant a thought.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me!


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