Getting the job you always wanted

Searching for the perfect job position

Even during studying everyone can imagine the perfect job that they would like to get. For many people getting this job never happens not because they do not meet the requirements or as many call it “bad luck” but mostly because landing a job in the company you want requires hard work and consistency.

It is important to always set realistic goals when it comes to chosing the job you want.

You have to be honest with yourself. If you are majoring in economics you surely won’t be able to do medical surgery once you graduate. Usually the area of study that you’ve chosen corresponds with the job you’d like to get. The important thing is to select the type of work you would like to do and then do a good research on which would be the best place for you to do it. University professors often collaborate with different partners & establishments and might help you with orientation.

Research on different job openings and requirements.

Once you have selected the company or organization you would like to work for it is time to do your homework. Find out as much as you can on what positions they offer and what requirements they have. It is a good thing to check if they have an established connection with your university. Even if you have already graduated the university staff might give you a lead or even introduce you to your potential future employeer.

If you are still in your university years try to get an internship. Most companies have internship programs with the purpose of scouting for potential future employees. Working as an intern and making a good impression may create the opportunity for a full time contract after graduation.

Do things that make you visible on the market.

One of the best advises I received from an executive manager at my company was to keep doing a great job but focus on making it more visible. There isn’t a single business in the world which ignores people that made a name for themselves. If your current job does not give you this opportunity then start doing some extra activities that will help you.

Search your network for potential connections.

In business same as any other part of life things are done with people. Knowing a guy in the company you want to apply at might be the reason that gets you in. I have multiple examples in my experience where I’ve been asked about a certain candidate who I know and the feedback given is always taken in consideration.

You have hundres of connections in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Even if you don’t know them personally don’t shy away. You have been connected for sometime by now and there is no harm done to just reach out. Be polite and respective and state that you are applying or looking for opportunities to work in their company. Always state intention, for example end your message with “I would be happy to talk more about a potential position”. Also try to find the balance – don’t make it too official or too friendly. You should be respectful but still keep a casual approach.

If you don’t have anybody in your network reseach on how you can reach somebody. There was a presentation in the university where one of the guests was a mid-level manager in my current company. I approached him after the event to just exchange a few words and get his card which down the road led to him supporting my application in the company.

Work a different job to get the needed experience.

Sometimes to reach the long-term objective you have to be patient and take things step by step. You might not get the desired position by the snap of your fingers. Train yourself to be patient and even accept a different position that will give you experience. Read more on how to get experience before your first job.

Try to work in a direct competitor or atleast in a company that is in the same field. Companies are always open to recruit somebody with experience from the market they are operating in.

Remember that getting the position you wanted is just the first step. You have to keep working hard to build up your career and grow.


Working professional & content creator. I have a passion for writting on topics such as career development, business, lifestyle and achieving the perfect work-life balance.

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