How to be a modern day leader

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Being a leader in todays business world is one of the things that everybody is talking about. However in business there are a lot of people who consider themselves one and only a small number of those can be called modern day leaders.

Times are changing and leaders need to change also.

The workforce in today’s world is being replaced with new generation of professionals who understand the world in a different way. No longer are the bossy-boss types given the respect as they did in the past.

Don’t spend too much time in your private office.

Modern day leaders should be around their employees. Nobody will respect a person who usually sits most of the time behind closed doors and just calls people from time to time.

You need to be around people and trust me you will have better luck if you go to them when you need something done. Not staying in your office will help you socialize better. Learning more about their interests, gives you a better idea of who they are and what really motivates them.

Make yourself approachable and easy to talk to.

People need to know that you are down to earth and they can bring the topics they are concerned about directly to you. In the old world managers accept that as “disrupting the hierarchy”. In reality a good business environment should nurture open communication on all levels.

You can leave a strong impression on somebody and make them feel recognized and valued just by spending some time and talking to them.

It’s more about giving than taking.

You should put effort in giving your people as much as you can. This can vary from sharing more about your personal life to your professional path. Work with them on a task or project or sit down to give valuable advises on career, business and life is also a recommended approach.

One of the greatest things you can give is feedback. Take your time and sit down individually with as many people as you can. Tell them what you think about them and the work they are doing. Even if you have no direct contact ask their line managers and gather as much information as possible.

I once sat down with a executive manager who I met for the first time and he told me that he had been hearing a lot of good things about me. Imagine how motivated I was from that moment on to keep putting the best effort I could.

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Try to engage people in different ways.

You will not make a mistake if you engage with things different from work. Show a funny video that you liked or share about an interesting recent experience. Try to ask for advice on some simple day-to-day things. This way everyone will be left with the feeling that they are part of a two-way process.

Building your leadership qualities requires a lot of effort. There are indeed some people who are born leaders but even those have to work hard on shaping their image. My advice is to imagine what would be the leader you’d like to follow. This way you will know the direction you need to take.


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