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successful career

Living in the modern world can seem overwhelming. We all spend a lot of time on the internet and see hundreds of advertisments for trainings and seminars. The all claim that they will give us what it takes to make a successful career or make our business huge. Developing and learning new things is a great way to grow in your area. However from my experience I believe there is one thing that requires most effort and repays that effort.

No matter how complex the world gets in the end business is done by people led by emotions

This is one of the most important things you need to remember. Even the greatest business leader in the modern world outside his/her work has a family, a favorite movie, meets up with friends to socialize.

That means that everyone, including you and me, are led by emotions. Yes, we try to always base our decision on data, arguments and logic but in the end the emotional attitude plays a big role.

Imagine working in an office and having the task to teach a new employee about the work you do. No matter what you will do your job and explain to him all the fundamentals. However, if you tend to like the new guy you might also let go of some tips and tricks that will make his life easier.

Then what is the one thing that helps you make a successful career?

Creating and expanding your network is the key for success

You can be the best at your job and if there is nobody to acknowledge it then you will be the only one who know it. Having enough people around you will make sure that your contributions are visible. Trust me I have been there. Never underestimate some small talk or bar drinks you once got with a colleague. A few years down the road he might be leading a big project and need people he knows. Guess who he’s going to call?

Since day one focus on making meaningful and long lasting connections with your colleagues. The immediate effect of this is the fact that your work will get easier. In the past I had some tasks that got delayed because I was depending on the input of a fellow colleague who had other priorities at that time. I put some effort to break the ice and create a connection with her. Nowdays when I enter the room with a request she drops everything else to assist me.

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In the long run the network you created might get you that promotion that you always wanted. I once talked with a senior executive who told me that when the time comes for them to pick somebody for an important position a lot of things factor in. One thing he mentioned however was that when a name is proposed infront of the decision board often the difference is made when somebody just says

“Yes, I know him/her. I have quite a good impression.”.

Making in the business world is not any easy thing to do. But the network you create will always be there to support you. No matter if you aim for a successful career or expanding your own business. The leads and possible connections you can get out of your network will suprise you in the long run. However, it is important not to just make an introduction and connect with somebody but to also nurture this. A connection left on free float will fade away and might not help you when the time comes.



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